10 Props that can Transform your Wedding Photographs!

10 Props that can Transform your Wedding Photographs!


In this day and age, we all want our wedding photos to be Instagram worthy. It has become more important than the rituals itself! However old the wedding can be, the pictures ought to look new and fresh. Well, you can give a bit of zing to these photos and add some quirky props to it. Plus, if you are camera shy you can always have something to fidget with!

Here are 10 props you can use to make your wedding pictures look perky and colorful-




Who has the time to print every picture and add a border to it? Your wedding can have the ‘easy-available’ prop which has to be the frame! You can decorate it with flowers, fairy lights; or have them done in different shapes and colors which will go with the theme of the wedding!



 2.Garlands and Tiaras


Everyone loves Snapchat filters but our favorite is the one which gets a tiara on our head and makes us look pretty. How about having your own tiara and a garland for the wedding!

Make your wedding look bright and colorful; just get a bunch of these props and the next thing you see, is everyone getting their pictures clicked wearing them!




It doesn’t always need to be a rainy season to use an umbrella. Why not use them as props for your wedding? Go for bright colored Chinese umbrellas or if you want to keep it traditional, then go for the embroidery umbrella which has gorgeous handwork done on it! It will give you the ethnic look and give you arty vibes!




‘The grand entry’ is one of the main highlights of the wedding! You can hire a vintage car, which will give you that astonishing entry and can later be your big prop. Or if you are on low budget then simply get a cycle- make use of some bright cloth, flowers and color it up. Pose as if you’re driving it and you have the perfect picture!!





The swing is the favorite spot of the young and the oldies. Why not turn it into a wedding prop? Enhance the wedding swing by adding flowers of bright colors on the string, toss some cushions on it and be seated with your partner to get those lovely snaps!



6. Sunglasses


Haven’t we all grooved to the tunes of ‘Kala Chashma’ and imagined us with our partner looking like Katrina and Siddharth in those stylish sunglasses? Nowadays, rarely anyone is spotted without sunglasses at an outdoor wedding. The photos look chic and so does everyone. You can strike a million poses wearing them.

Pro Tip- You can customize it for the bride and the groom and make it look fun in an unusual way just like the picture below.




Balloons give such childlike and happy vibes which makes us want to use them for our wedding to give a fun look to the pictures. You can color co-ordinate the balloons and tone them with the theme of your wedding. The new trend is the number/letter shaped balloons which can mark something of significance.

So why not incorporate it in your wedding pictures or maybe just use it as a decoration later?





Wedding photo booth is incomplete without the dialogue props. Even though it is very common and we see it in almost every wedding, we can’t resist holding the one which suits us the best and getting clicked. Whether it’s “I am sexy and I know it’ or “I came for the food”, the best part is we have our caption ready for the upload! So, why not get personal with the dialogues and feature it your wedding?



9.The Hashtag


Isn’t it amazing when your wedding has your own personal hashtag? It can be used by everyone when they upload their pictures on social media creating a memory. How about getting an enormous hashtag phrase made which will enhance your wedding photographs! You can use bright yellow lights or colored cardboard and make it the highlight of your wedding!






The last one has to be the most special one. There is nothing better that posing with your baby- your pet!

The picture turns out to be better than the one with your partner because you’re flowing with love and the photographer captures it at that spot-on moment leaving you with a frame-worthy photograph.

I promise you, it’ll be your favorite one from the lot!